15 Fearless Grandparents Rocking The Coolest Ink We’ve Ever Seen

Tattoos have become increasingly common over the years, but there are still some of us who haven’t been able to get past their permanence and the idea of them looking horrible once we’re older.

Luckily, if that is what's holding you back, there are plenty of older folks who are living proof that you can rock a tattoo no matter if you're 22 or 82! Some of them have had their ink since they were young, while others didn't take the leap until recently, but in any case, they all look incredible — that's exactly why we've gathered some of the coolest ones for you to appreciate below.

1. "Proof that age doesn't matter. My grandmother inked all my tattoo ideas. Amazing woman."

young woman posing for a photo with her grandma who has a new tattoo designed by the granddaughter on her arm
closeup of a grandma's tattoo of a knife with flowers growing on it that was designed by her granddaughter

2. And the award for most stylish grandpa goes to...

an older man covered in tattoos and wearing sunglasses and holding a car seat with his grandchild inside

3. "Coolest gentleman ever wanted his first tattoo on his receding hairline. Him and his wife were in their 60s but couldn't have been more young at heart."

closeup of an elderly man's head that shows off his tattoo of a man using a lawn mower in a way that looks as though the lawnmower is cutting at his receding hairline

4. Like father like son!

a man and his son who have similar tattoos, and look similar overall, smiling and posing next to each other

5. "My friend knows me well… 'Assuming I’m just an old lady, is your first mistake.'"

an elderly woman with light pink hair, tattoos, and a shirt that says, "assuming I'm just an old lady was your first mistake" smiling as she poses at the bottom of a staircase

6. "On her 90th birthday grandma Heather Brooks got her first tattoo. She chose a Cancer Research pink ribbon to signify her victory after a five year battle with cancer."

an elderly woman smiling wide while pointing to the pink cancer research ribbon tattoo on her arm

7. Aww, he looks so proud of his new tattoo — as he should be!

collage of a photo of an elderly man with a large white beard and glasses smiling as he shows off his large bear paw tattoo and the other of a closeup of the same man's tattoo

8. This incredibly thoughtful grandpa got a cochlear implant tattoo so he could match his grandson!

an elderly man with a beard and no hair smiling as he shows his young grandson his tattoo behind his ear that looks just like his grandson's cochlea implant

9. "This is Grandma Eva. I'm looking forward to be like her."

an elderly woman with tattoos on both arms looking into the distance as she poses against the exterior wall of a tattoo parlor

10. Better late than never!

"He was in the Navy Reserve as a young man and one night everyone was drinking and decided to get tattoos. He called home to ask my Granny if he could and she told him no. It's a good thing she did because the next morning they all woke up with swollen, infected tattoos. Finally, 58 years later, he can cross this off his bucket list."

an elderly man flexing his muscles as he shows off the tattoo on his arm that says "elizabeth"

11. They may be too young to understand right now but, soon enough, that baby is going to realize just how awesome their grandpa is.

an elderly man with tattoos on his neck, head, and face smiling down at his infant grandchild who he's holding

12. "This woman (Lilo) survived a concentration camp. The holocaust. Cancer. The 70's. And now working on her sleeve."

collage with a closeup of a 92 year old woman named lilo's arm with tattoos and another of lilo smiling as she sits in a tattoo parlor getting a new tattoo

13. Some grandma's hang their grandchildren's artwork on the fridge while others get them tattooed on their body!

an elderly woman smiling with her granddaughter next to her as they show off the grandma's tattoos next to a piece of paper with the granddaughter's drawings that the tattoos were based off of

14. He already has lots of colorful ink, but he's still not done!

an elderly man named stan moskowitz showing off a new tattoo on his arm that already has several other tattoos

15. We couldn't be more proud of her.

"This is Tanya. She is an ER nurse from SoCal. Last year she came to me to get her first tattoo ever…on her head. She told me that she had developed alopecia, lost all her hair and that she was finally ready and happy to reclaim a bit of her identity back and own her Alopecia."

a woman named tanya with no hair and a large tattoo on her head

As intimidating as it can be to get a tattoo, these rad folks make it look easy! Okay, so maybe it’s still a bit scary, but they definitely make us hope that we’re at least half as cool as they are when we're their age! Speaking of which, of all these tattoos, which one was your favorite?

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