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15 Extremely Relatable Moments Between Animals And Their Kiddos

a white cat looking grumpy as on of his kittens sits on his head, tail dangling on his face and a closeup of a hedgehog sleeping next to a baby hedgehog, both of which are laying in the palms of someone's hands

When you have a pet, you start to realize all the ways that humans and animals are alike. For example, we tend to love a good nap or a cuddle with our favorite person.

Then there’s the love we have for our kiddos. Like humans, many animals love to spend time with their little ones, even when they’re driving them a little crazy. Keep scrolling to see some adorable photos that’ll show you exactly what we mean!

1. Looks like someone wants to be just like their dad!

2. Thanks to her mom’s fluffy wool, she has a cozy place to sleep wherever they go!

3. Step one: Learn how to step. Step two: Learn where to sit.

4. “Caught this at my parents house, just cruizin’ with mama.”

5. Nap time is over, mom!

6. Who says you can’t be silly and look fabulous?

7. “When you find out you’re pregnant.”

8. Like a human child who has eaten far too much sugar, a kitten’s energy is endless.

9. “Mommy’s asleep; time to party!”

10. It’s been a long day…

11. Why walk when dad can give you a ride?

12. Humans have stuffed animals, kittens have their mom’s tails.

13. “Back to front- dad, mom, brother, brother, and sister. A family snuggle.”

14. “A definition of parenthood in a picture.”

15. Shh… it’s family nap time…

The only thing better than an adorable animal is their mini-me! These critters may not have holidays to celebrate their parents, but we hope they still realize just how important they are to their kids and to the world.

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