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15 Extraordinary Sights You Don’t See Every Day

Thanks to the internet, we get to see far-flung parts of the universe, exotic animals, and diverse snapshots of human life nearly every day.

There are so many aspects of the world that are seldom photographed or celebrated, yet they are every bit as fascinating as their more popular counterparts. Here are 15 things we had never seen before today that are filling us with joy.

1. Admire this glorious albino peacock located at a zoo in Malaysia.

2. Or gawk at a butterfly with see-through wings.

3. This is what the back of the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci looks like. Definitely not her best side!

4. “When my cat got spayed, the shaved area grew back chocolate colored.”

5. Someone found this giant puffball mushroom in the woods and it looks like a huge chunk of mozzarella.

6. This is Sendai Daikannon, a huge statue located in Sendai, Japan. At 330 feet tall, it was the tallest in the world when it was built in 1991. It’s now the fifth tallest.

7. This cat’s paw is perfectly divided right down the center.

8. “Here are my removed and genetically modified white blood cells, about to be put back in to hopefully cure my cancer! This is T-cell immunotherapy!”

9. This is what a sunset on Earth looks like from a satellite hovering just above our atmosphere.

10. The frost on this truck door handle looks like delicate lace.

11. “We got these giant screws in at work today for mounting solar panels.”

12. This lizard was found “standing” on the water in a pool.

13. “This red-only rainbow I saw at midnight in Finland.”

14. In case you ever wondered, this is what a koala’s hand looks like.

15. “My nails pushing the chemo out of my fingertips.”

These pictures remind us that even the most minute details can be celebrated and admired. Our world is so amazing!

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