15 Dogs Who Not-So-Secretly Identify As Cats

dog in cat tree next to dog using scratching post

Dogs are infinitely trainable, so it makes sense that they occasionally pick up the habits and characteristics of other people and pets in their home. They’re great mimics!

When dogs are raised around felines, for example, they’ll often behave in distinctly cat-like ways. Whether they’re climbing a tree during a walk or curling up in a bed made for a much smaller animal, we are totally here for their adorable identity crises!

1. It’s a cat tree, but that can’t stop her from crashing the party.

2. “Thought we were going for a walk, ending up going for a climb.”

3. “What do you mean this is for the cats? Don’t my nails need sharpening, too?”

4. “My dog wanted to see what the cats are up to downstairs.

5. “Bingbong prefers cat bed to full-size dog bed, a foot to the left.”

6. “This is what happens when a dog grows up with cats….”

7. Never forget that “curiosity killed the cat.”

8. If you think it’s cool when a cat or bird sits on your shoulder, check this out.

9. Just a couple of feline friends palling around.

10. “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?”

11. “Got a live feed camera so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work.”

12. Doggy see, doggy do.

13. “This is where my mom’s dog likes to sit when she’s in the yard gardening.”

14. “I bought a kennel for my dog and put the cat’s bed on top. Gracie wants to be with her kitty at all times.”

15. “I think my pit hangs out with the cat too much.”

Aren’t they the sweetest? It’s so cute when dogs pick up the traits of those who share their lives. We’re not sure the cats agree, but since when do cats agree with us on anything?

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