15 Dogs Who Look Perfectly Fetching In Their New Wigs

There’s a new trend on Instagram, and it’s cracking us up! Let’s just say it makes dressing your dog up in clothes seem quaint.


People have been sharing photos of their pups wearing wigs. Yes, wigs! There are currently almost 4,000 pictures using the “dogwig” hashtag, and more are being uploaded every minute. Each picture of a bewigged canine is pure gold! We can’t pick just one favorite; can you?

1. Long, blond hair is a classic choice. Just ask Grace Kelly here.

2. Move over, Golden Girls, there’s a new rockin’ granny in town.

3. “Which way to the frat house, brah?”

4. When only “short and sassy” will do.

5. He has cultivated the perfect look for his art school photo shoot.

6. This little guy went for an oh-so-chic chignon, and we think he nailed it.

7. He’s not sure if blonds really do have more fun, but it’s worth a shot.

8. Wasn’t she in “Mean Girls”?

9. We all have that one goofy friend….

10. The look he was going for: “legendary ’70s musician.” Rock on!

11. “I’m not sure why, but I suddenly feel incredibly beautiful!”

12. “This wig isn’t too matchy-matchy, is it?”

13. Just hanging out with my long, luscious locks. No big deal.

14. Try as we might, we’ve never been this effortlessly cool in our lives.

15. If you’re looking for a realtor, look no further. She will go the extra mile for you – literally!

It’s amazing how much a good wig can transform your look in seconds, for better or for worse. These dogs are rocking their new hairdos way better than we ever could! We are secretly hoping this viral trend never ends.

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