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15 Dads Share Hilarious Pics Of Daughters Using Them As Makeup Guinea Pigs

When it comes right down to it, there’s really nothing a good dad won’t do for his kids.

For lots of girl dads (and maybe some boy dads, too!), that involves sitting still while their children practice their artistic talents – using their face as a canvas. Some of these patient dads have been deciding to put their masculinity aside and let their kids have fun, which has been pretty much their only option, if we’re honest. The resulting pictures are comedy gold, and thanks to Twitter, they’re ours to admire forever.

1. Dom J. Humphreys started a Twitter trend with this picture. “See this,” he wrote. “This is why I wanted boys.”

2. Soon other tolerant dads chimed in too, like this man whose daughter turned him into Freddy Krueger.

3. We’re not gonna lie – we are loving this guy’s purple coiffure!

4. And this man’s blue eyeshadow makes us miss the 80s, for some reason.

5. The funniest ones are always the tough guys! Doesn’t he look pretty?

6. Looking fly, dad! Love the accessories.

7. You’d think his modeling days would be over since his daughter is older. Think again!

8. It’s a good thing pink is his color.

9. That wig looks like it’s been run over a few times, but we don’t judge.

10. We’re not sure if he’s super patient, or if he was sound asleep a minute ago.

11. That’s an… interesting look.

12. Subtle, yet glowing. Perfection!

13. He went from papa to Papa Smurf in just a few minutes.

14. Let us guess, your daughter isn’t a “stay inside the lines” kind of girl.

15. The look on this “pretty princess'” face is everything.

Oh, dads, you have outdone yourself! Thank you to every man who has ever worn nail polish, makeup, or let a child do their hair. Your sacrifice isn’t for nothing – you’re building their character, confidence, and skills more than you’ll ever know.

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