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15 Cows Who Just Want To Lick Us A Little Bit

cow licking woman's head and hand

They may not be traditional pets, but cows actually have very distinct and charming personalities.

Farmers who spend a lot of time around them say they are surprisingly intelligent companions that love to play, and even cuddle. They show their affection in different ways, but one thing all cows have in common is a fondness for using their gigantic tongues to touch, well, just about anything!

1. This dog is enjoying all of the attention from his pals. Shh… no one tell him he’s not a cow!

2. This poor lady got more than she bargained for when she came over to pet the cow.

3. This cow looks like he’s licking the most delicious ice cream cone in the world.

4. Who knew that cows can have their own dogs?

5. She looks pretty calm for someone who’s about to have a cow tongue touch her mouth.

6. Who needs a shower when you’ve got cow buddies like these?

7. Sometimes you just need a little drive-by tongue bath.

8. Although, not all cats are nuts about the idea of smooching a bovine.

9. That’s okay; the humans don’t seem to mind much.

10. Well, most of the humans, anyway.

11. “Insert treats right here… right on ma’ tongue….”

12. Now we know why they call it a “cowlick” when your hair stands up in the back!

13. Extreme close up lick, anyone?

14. Don’t worry, doggos! It’s not only cats and people who get the love.

15. This kitty looks like he’s getting ready to lick the cow right back!

We had no idea that cows were so keen on licking everyone around them, but somehow it makes us love them even more!

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