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15 Epic Woodworking Projects We’d Buy In A Heartbeat

woodworking cat wall next to wooden birds

Woodworking is one of the most useful hobbies out there, but it’s definitely not easy.

People who love creating with their hands suffer endless splinters and spend countless days measuring, cutting, and sanding their projects to perfection. It often takes hours to produce even the simplest creations, but the results are so worth it!

1. This young man carved manga character Nezuko out of wood like it was no big deal. (Um, it’s a huge deal!)

2. A groom spent hours making 90 unique wooden bottle openers out of recycled skateboards to give their wedding guests as favors.

3. This carving of the artist’s forearm could come in handy.

4. This is one of the most innovative dog house designs we’ve ever seen.

5. The perfect Hot Wheels display doesn’t exist…. Oh, wait, here it is!

6. Artist uses scrap wood and epoxy to create beautiful, smooth Comfort Birds for the ultimate recycling project.

7. We’d love to have a mind-bending chess board like this one.

8. This crazy-cool tension table was made as a ninth-grade school project. By a ninth-grader. (Feel inadequate yet?)

9. His stepfather asked him to make a gavel for his freemason lodge. We’d say he nailed it!

10. Any cat would adore this custom cat wall!

11. This hand-carved canoe must have taken months to make.

12. One little boy got the coolest custom-made bed ever. Is there room in there for us?

13. “I carved this Hellboy pipe out of briar wood for Ron Perlman and he sent me a photo.”

14. This person swears they’re not a woodworker, but the proof is in the awesome pudding.

15. This might be the neatest handmade bench ever. Look how proud the woodworker is!

We can’t imagine how much effort goes into these amazing works of art! They’ve truly breathed new life into each and every project they touch.

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