15 Clever Architectural Designs That Make The World A Friendlier Place

Braille railing and solar powered bench

Have you ever heard the phrase, “friendly architecture?”

If not, allow us to enlighten you. Friendly architecture means using design elements for buildings or public spaces to enhance and improve the lives of all who use them. These are useful, problem-solving design elements that make the world more accessible and safe, and they’re popping up more and more around the world. Here are a few examples of friendly architecture at work right now.

1. These park benches are solar-powered and have charging ports for anyone who needs a power boost.

2. The Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park in Canada has installed 38 over-highway passes and fencing to provide a safe space for wildlife to cross.

3. In Shanghai, this bridge offers a stylist spot to sit and rest a spell.

4. In Norway, people sometimes dig through trash bins to find cans that can be turned into cash. so they’ve installed these recycling bins so people can collect cans with dignity.

5. This cleverly-designed gate allows horses and pedestrians to pass while keeping cars out.

6. This adorable duck ramp provides easy access to the water.

7. In Shanghai, they’ve built this huge footbridge over heavily-trafficked roundabout.

8. This bench with built-in pillow provides a more comfortable spot to rest.

9. In 2019, Old City in Jerusalem added almost 2 and 1/2 miles of wheelchair-accessible routes so more people can enjoy the historical sites.

10. In Seattle, Washington, they installed a channel to collect and clean storm water.

11. This railing on gazebo in Naples, Italy has a Braille passage that describes the view for the sight-impaired.

12. Unique pool design allows a wheelchair to enter the pool with ease.

13. On Sirens Beach in Greece they’ve used the same technique to make the entire waterfront wheelchair accessible.

14. This pediatrician’s office has a child-sized door for their little patients.

15. Christmas Island, Australia installed a bridge to keep migrating crabs from getting crushed by traffic.

There’s something so beautiful about designing something that directly helps and benefits the world around us. We love the symbiotic nature of these designs!

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