15 Charming Dogs Who Have Us Under Their Spell With A Simple Smile

dog in hoodie smiling at camera

There’s something about seeing a huge smile that lifts our spirits, too. It’s almost as if smiling is contagious!

Some people might not think that dogs have the ability to smile or express human-like emotions, but dog owners disagree. Our canine companions know exactly how to convey their thoughts, feelings, and moods; we just have to be perceptive enough to understand them. There are some dogs, however, whose bright, cheerful smiles simply can’t be misinterpreted!

1. On Reddit, people share pictures of their smiling pooches on r/PuppySmiles.

2. More than 635,000 people follow the subreddit, documenting adorable smiles like this fellow, who won an “Oscar” for “best voice” at doggy daycare.

3. Some people say their dogs never stop smiling, like this handsome chap.

4. Others have to work harder to get the perfect shot of both dogs smiling. Once they do, it’s magical!

5. This subreddit is a rarity, because nearly every picture is flat-out adorable.

6. Just look at this old gal who’s so excited that her friend came home from college. Aw!

7. And this old timer, who loves to gaze at his human adoringly.

8. This little sweetie took her first ride in a car. Looks like she enjoyed it!

9. His owner calls this his “emoji face.” We can see it!

10. This smart cookie was voted class clown, but she still got her doggy degree.

11. Look at this rescue puppy smiling in her sleep during her first night in a bed.

12. New puppy is part-Collie, part-retriever, and “100 percent smiles.”

13. Another proud graduate!

14. This dog is so cute, it could pose as a stuffed animal. That smiling face gives us all the joy!

15. These two seem like two adorable peas in a pod.

Our heart belongs to these smiling dogs! Just looking at their cheerful faces gives us an instant mood boost.

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