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15 Cats Who Went Face-First Into Their Food And Have Zero Regrets

Cats are usually regarded as clean animals, but even the tidiest pets get a little messy every now and then.

Some felines just can’t resist enjoying a really good meal. In fact, they like their kitty food so much that they occasionally get a bit sloppy while chowing down. While it’s usually kittens who are the messiest eaters (as they get the hang of eating wet food), some adult cats throw caution to the wind and face-plant into their meals too! Check out our favorite 15 below.

1. He looks like his tummy hurts from all that milk, but he’d do it again in a heartbeat.

2. Ever seen a cat wearing lipstick before?

3. Look who discovered that he likes spaghetti!

4. Pro tip: you don’t have to put your entire face in your dish.

5. We’d be lying if we said we’d never been there, done that.

6. They’re heading straight from dinner to bath time tonight.

7. When you turn your back for one second and find your 10-year-old food thief at it again. How was the soup?

8. Sometimes eating is a full-body affair.

9. He never met a container of yogurt he didn’t like.

10. This guy looks old enough to know better!

11. Was he eating Cheetos?

12. “I’ma just go ahead and get right inside the bowl.”

13. We’ll have whatever he’s having!

14. “Greatest milk mustache of all time.”

15. The birthday boy really loved his cake!

We’d hate to be the ones cleaning up after them. After all, we all know how much cats enjoy warm, soapy baths… when they don’t exist! It’s a good thing they’re so adorable!

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