15 Bizarrely Perfect Compliments That Make Us Want To Up Our Game

The comment sections on social media aren’t known for being the most positive online spaces.

But every once in a while, the right content seems to bring out the best in all of us. There’s even a whole subreddit called Rare Compliments where users share strange yet oddly amazing compliments found online. So even though they’re not directed at you, we hope you enjoy some of our favorites that we’ve gathered below.

1. This may be the most poetic compliment we’ve ever read from a YouTube comment section.

2. There was not a single moment where we knew where this exchange was going.

3. We’re pretty sure they’re referring to the human, but we believe them either way.

4. Oddly specific and, yet, somehow very accurate.

5. This 100% makes sense.

6. We’re not exactly sure how that would work, but we appreciate their level of enthusiasm.

7. Sounds like a fact to us.

8. May we all strive to radiate “I’m a kind person” energy.

9. Are we sure he isn’t cool enough to not even need an alarm clock?

10. And they showed up just when we needed them most.

11. Okay but that’s actually super impressive.

12. It’s a good joke… a great joke even…

13. Because sometimes saying “I like your voice” just isn’t good enough.

14. This benediction is the definition of wholesome.

15. Giving compliments isn’t a competition, but if it was, then this person just won.

If a simple compliment can make someone’s entire day, we can only imagine how the recipients of these compliments felt! They definitely leave us inspired to get more creative with the compliments we give.

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