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15 Armadillos And Friends In Videos That Have Us Planning A Trip To The Zoo

Thanks to the internet, we can go visit our favorite animals at our favorite zoo with just the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.

The Greensboro Science Center in North Carolina is one of many zoos that has created a fun social media presence for their fans to get to know the animals better. Each day, they share precious pictures and videos of exotic creatures originally from all over the world. Their goal is to entertain and educate, and they always seem to make us smile too!

1. Who knew armadillos were so utterly adorable? Those tippy-tappy toes!

2. Move over, Bob Ross! A hippo named Ms. Holly Berry is showing us how it’s done.

3. Tigers can paint too, but they require a few more treats. Watch your fingers!

4. This penguin totally “noped” out of the pool in seconds. Spirit animal, anyone?

5. Ever booped a porcupine’s snoot? Now you can do it virtually, which sounds much safer than in real life.

6. Take a mental health break by sitting back and watching the jellyfish. Mesmerizing!

7. Speaking of spellbinding underwater pals, how about this amazing octopus?

8. Oh hi again, Holly. How’s about a kiss?

9. Turn the volume up to hear this infant red panda’s heart-melting squeaks.

10. Apparently, tortoises enjoy having their shells scrubbed. We’re learning so much!

11. Have we mentioned how cute the armadillos are? Here they are eating. Just eating!

12. Animals like Pringles the penguin are helping the science center get more followers online.

13. The zookeepers do such a great job of explaining things to viewers. Here, keeper Kelly teaches Okapi 101.

14. Seahorse babies are super cool!

15. Okay, just one more video of an armadillo and then we promise we’ll stop!

We can’t handle all this cuteness! The internet is amazing in many ways, but the ability to learn from proven animal experts like these is truly a gift.

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