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15 Antique Hunters Who Hit The Jackpot With These Incredible Finds

uranium collection and antique leather purse

For people who enjoy antiquing, searching for forgotten mementos from the past is part treasure hunt, part historical preservation.

Hunting down old items connects us to the past like nothing else. Antique items give us a glimpse into what life was like decades or even centuries ago. Through them, we are reminded both of how much humans have changed, and how much we are still very much the same. Reddit’s “Antiques” category enables people from all over to share their antique finds, and we’re green with envy over many of their amazing discoveries.

1. This person was cleaning out Grandad’s house and found this fabulous old TV and stereo combo.

2. Uranium glass contains trace amounts of uranium oxide, so it glows under a black light.

3. “Picked up a Victorian style cathedral birdcage today. It’s 7-feet tall with the base!”

4. People kept these pocket-sized grocery list handy so they wouldn’t forget the essentials.

5. This antique table purchased at a yard sale had a secret note stapled inside one of the drawers.

antique wooden table with 3 drawers

6. This beautiful Singer folding table sewing machine was bought at Goodwill for just $100. 

7. “Found this antique stove at an estate sale.”

8. “My Great-Grandmother’s leather purse. I need to replace some of the leather stitching on the handle but it’s otherwise in impeccable shape and I use it often!”

9. Check out this stunning Chinese wedding bed hand-carved out of teak. The construction used zero nails to make.

10. Bronze and abalone Tiffany desk pieces from around 1910.

11. “My grandfather (b.1890s) was rocked in this cradle as an infant.”

12. Here’s a jar to keep your medicinal opium in. Because, sure.

13. They were metal detecting in a forest in Romania when they found these peasant rings. These items were made of glass and metal for people to wear if they couldn’t afford real gems.

14. This massive 1870’s Victorian Mirror measures over 6-feet tall and 4.5-feet wide. It was made to go over a mantel.

15. Have you ever seen a cooler door knocker than this hand holding an orange? We sure haven’t.

Who else has an itch to hit up the local thrift shop or antique store? You just never know what treasures from the past you might find.

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