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15 Adorable Pets With Special Needs Who Are Here To Steal Your Heart

special needs pets

Anyone who has ever loved a pet with special needs know that they’re just as cuddly, sweet, cantankerous, and demanding as any other furry friend, they just need a little extra help sometimes.

All of the pets below have a physical limitation that makes taking care of them a bit more complicated, but their owners wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, they wouldn’t trade them for the world!

1. Qatsby is deaf and has memory issues, but look at how sweetly she greets her owners when they surprise her.

2. This deaf cat has a seriously adorable meow.

3. Sergeant Pepper shows off his “celebratory kick-backs.”

4. Lux has a rare disorder called MPS VII. She also has the softest fur, the greenest eyes, and a human who dotes on her 24/7!

5. Everyone is falling “blindly in love” with Blanco, and we don’t blame them a bit!

6. An itsy-bitsy spider named Gretel needs some extra help sometimes.

7. Scooter the disabled cat checks out his new digs.

8. Stevie the Wonder Dog loves going puddle-jumping any chance he gets!

9. Staying away from family was hard on everyone, even this deaf and blind dog who instantly recognized her favorite person after months apart.

10. This man has the sweetest method of waking up his blind and deaf pup without startling her.

11. This kind human takes in all of the unwanted, abused, and special needs rescue dogs she can find and gives them the life they deserve.

12. Cappy can’t groom himself, so his owner gets right in the tub with him to make him feel safe.

13. Watch this devoted cat owner help Phoebe the cat, who has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), do walking exercises to gain strength and stamina.

14. How do you call a deaf and blind dog to you?

15. Timber may not move the same way other dogs do, but she still loves to “hit the beat drop!”

These beautiful boys and girls are just as deserving of love and affection as any other pets. We’re so grateful to all the owners who go the extra mile to help special needs animals!

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