15 Fearless Grandparents Who Are Absolute Legends

Many people fear growing older and losing strength, but these active senior citizens are making aging look easy! Not only that, but they are also showing off their zest for life and their love of adventure.

As the saying goes, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

1. “My grandmother promised all of us if she made it to 90 she would get a pink mohawk. Well, she made it to 90.”

2. “My grandpa skiing on his 91st birthday this week.”

3. “My 74-year-old grandpa with COPD and I on a roller coaster. He was so excited!”

4. “Bought my grandma an iPad. She’s 84 and never had a tablet, and wanted it for ‘art.’ I bought ArtRage for her and left her alone with her new toy for 30 minutes. This is what I came back to.”

5. “My grandmother, 77, graduated with her Ph.D. and is the university’s oldest graduate. It’s never too late!”

6. “My grandad was giving out cookies with his picture on them for his birthday today.”

7. “My 86-year-old grandmother and her handmade needlepoint chair. Twenty-five years in the making and 14 threads per inch. I am not allowed to sit in it.”

8. “This was how my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.”

9. “My beautiful grandma doing the splits after her 80th birthday party last night.”

10. “My grandpa is a retired mathematician. He got bored, so he decided to build a castle by hand. It’s been like four years, but he’s gettin’ there!”

11. “I just found out that my grandmother has spent her time during Covid hitting the weights, she turns 85 next week…”

12. “Grandpa got a cochlear implant tattoo to become like his grandson.”

13. “Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this.”

14. “My 60 y/o uncle shredding in Kauai.”

15. “This grandma just turned 105 years old today!”

Nothing is going to slow these folks down! We hope to have half of their stamina and joie de vivre when we grow up.

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