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Teens Are Re-Wearing Their Moms’ Prom Dresses & It’s Too Sweet.

We’ve all heard of a mom passing down her wedding gown for her daughter’s big day, but it turns out, those aren’t the only dresses dear old moms are holding on to for their girls.

There’s a recent trend among teenagers to re-wear their moms’ old prom dresses, and the photos are too sweet!

Below are some of the best pictures on the web of mother-and-daughter pairs decked out in the same dress decades apart.

1. Just days before her prom, she found the dress her mom wore to a Marine Corps ball and had it altered. Perfect!


“My daughter ordered a pretty gown online for her senior prom this year, and when it arrived, it wasn’t what she had hoped… Four days away from prom, she decided to raid my closet while I was at work, took it to alterations. Who knew that my USMC ball dress from 1995 would see the light of day again? To be honest, I have no idea how this dress hung on through all of our many moves across the country and overseas! But one thing is for certain… She wore it best!”

2. Mom’s prom dress from 1985.


She upgraded the corsage for an Apple Watch.

3. She first wore the dress in 1962, then her two daughters, then a granddaughter in 2013.


4. Did they borrow this dress from Scarlett O’Hara?


“My mom has been saving her old prom dress for all these years just so her future daughter could try it on.”

5. 21 years apart. I can’t tell who it looks better on…


6. This mom and her daughter must’ve been the envy of everyone.


7. “Had the privilege of wearing my mom’s wedding reception dress to prom tonight.”


8. Some alterations here and there for a more modern look and she was good to go!


9. Stunning, and everyone knows you can’t go wrong with turquoise.


10. This can’t be Mom and daughter. They’ve gotta be sisters.


“My senior prom dress 1996. My daughter’s prom in 2017.”

11. Mom made the dress herself in 1987 when she was 17. 30 years later and it still works the same charm!


12. Remember when those bibs were all the rage?

Bored Panda

“Me in 2015. My mom in 1986.”

13. Prom 1980 and prom 2016. Dress sewn with love by Mom.


14. They could be twins…


Did you wear your mom’s prom dress for a special occasion? Post some pictures below in the comments section, and share if you love this trend!

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