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The 14 Most Stunning Moon Pictures Ever Captured.

moon colored

The moon: an orb in the sky that has sparked countless stories and mysteries because of its haunting and grand beauty.  From tidal gravitation to simply being a night-light for ages past, the moon steadily progresses our life here on earth.

But above all, its beauty captivates us. We’ve all been there – you’re driving at night and then out of nowhere a gigantic moon appears and totally drops your jaw.

With that in mind,here are the 14 most stunning images of the moon ever captured. Enjoy!

1. The Classic Full Moon

The Moon – a 161,990,000,000,000,011,010,048 pound ball in the sky that our planet couldn’t live without (literally). This classic photo from NASA shows the bleak, cratered landscape on the bright side of the moon.

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