14 Disapproving Dogs Who Are So Cute We Don’t Mind Their Judgment

Dogs have a habit of showing off every thought and emotion with their facial expressions.

Most of the time, this means we see countless pictures of smiling, happy puppers online. Yet there are some canines whose faces can only be described as disapproving. On Facebook, the “Disapproving Dog Challenge” inspired people to share photos of their furry best friends at their most judgmental, and they’re all hilarious!

1. Loki is not impressed by the idea of expanding his pack.


2. “Arya got groomed. She doesn’t mind the grooming so much anymore, but my insistence at making her pose for photos afterward turns her into a grumpy Dobby.”

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3. Bonito sees what you’re up to and he thinks it’s not-so-bueno.

4. The look on Fleur’s face says she is plotting her revenge, and it won’t be pretty.

5. Wilbur the back seat driver thinks you should use your turn signal next time.

6. “I’ll come inside when I feel like it and not a minute before.”

7. Please refrain from telling him he’s cute. He’s in a mood.

8. Hope thinks whatever you’re doing is pretty annoying. Breathing? Annoying!

9. The narrowed eyes tell us that he knows you ate a cheeseburger on your way home from work.

10. You can force her to dress up in a costume, but you can’t make her enjoy it.

11. Benz is watching you. Also judging, but mostly watching.

12. Whatever you did, how could you?

13. “Am I some kind of joke to you?”

14. Reginald Archibald is all about the stiff upper lip.

We feel like these dogs know all of our secrets! Good thing they’re not telling anyone; they’re too busy silently judging us. They’re so cute we don’t even care!

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