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14 Cats Who Found The Perfect Spot For A “Relaxing” Snooze

If you’ve ever lived with a feline companion, you know they spend a lot of their time sleeping. For many indoor cats, that means curling up in a laundry basket or basking in a sunlit windowsill.

As for outdoor kitties, they can find plenty of nice places to catch a few z’s too… although sometimes they have to get creative. After all, they need frequent naps to keep their energy levels up so they can go hunting. Check out these 14 adorable pets who decided a tree branch was the perfect spot for a snooze!

1. Just settling down for a nice afternoon rest.

2. The crook of this tree looks surprisingly comfortable.

3. This guy is so relaxed you would never know he’s 10 feet off the ground.

4. We might even consider joining him in this sun-drenched forest.

5. The cat tree is almost ready to blossom!

6. Peekaboo, we see you!

7. “These apples aren’t quite ripe yet. Come back later.”

8. Even wild kitties enjoy a good tree nap.

9. Is that the Cheshire Cat we see?

10. Looks like a great spot to lounge around and contemplate the universe.

11. That doesn’t look comfortable, but she’s making it work!

12. Shh! Let’s not wake him.

13. What kind of bird is that anyway?

14. The guardian of the forest sends her regards!

All of these sweet cat faces make us feel like curling up for a nap too! Unlike them, however, we’ll stick to a nice, soft bed instead of a scratchy tree branch. Our balance isn’t quite as good, so we would definitely end up in a heap on the ground if we tried.

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