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13 Woefully Botched Pet Haircuts That Had Their Owners Howling With Laughter

a cat and dog modeling bad haircuts they got at groomer.

Almost all pets require regular grooming of some sort. Some animals can suffice with the occasional bath and nail trims, but other breeds require a bit more maintenance to keep their fur at its floofiest. Most of the time, they come home looking like a cleaner and fresher-smelling version of themselves. Other times, things don’t go quite as smoothly.

The unfortunate pets in the photos below fall into the second category. They got a new haircut, and it’s not exactly doing them any favors. In fact, some of these ‘dos are so remarkably bad, their owners burst out laughing the second they saw them. We can’t blame them, because we’re laughing too!

1. “Just a little off the top”

white dog with fur shaved off the top part of body but not the bottom.

This cut is all the rage in Paris.

2. “Please make his head look as large and round as possible.”

cat with body shaved by head left big and furry

This was basically a personal attack.

3. Groomers call this the “Gandalf the Grey.”

gray dog on grooming table with long beard.

“You shall not pass!”

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