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13 Ways You Can Better Care For A Loved One With Anxiety

When a loved one is struggling with anxiety and stress it can really leaving you feeling powerless. You can try to help them out by working alongside them and helping them check items off their lists, but– at a certain point– helping them tackle their projects can only go so far before the anxiety begins to take its toll.

Although it is not a condition others can always physically see, anxiety is very real, and it can leave your loved one feeling isolated, even when surrounded by friends and family that care and want to help. Read below for some tips to help those you care about deal with their anxiety.

#1: Let Them Know That They Can Talk To You Without Any Judgement

  • via Health

    It’s very important for people struggling with anxiety to know that you are going to listen to them openly and not judge them for what they say. Many times conversations will feel like a broken record because the anxious person has the same fears repeating over and over and over again. It is normal for someone with anxiety to struggle with the same worry each and every time. Help your loved one by making them feel comfortable to share their anxieties with you.

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