12 Teachers Who Took Their Socially Distant Classrooms To The Next Level

Going back to school can cause anxiety for teachers and students alike under normal circumstances. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these fears are understandably amplified.

Thankfully, teachers around the world are coming up with creative ways to keep their students safe! While maintaining 6 feet of physical distance won’t be easy, these fun solutions will certainly help. Especially for younger kids, the colorful designs will also instill a sense of normalcy and comfort to get them through the year! Check out 12 of our favorite designs below.

1. Life’s a beach in this second-grade classroom.


2. This clever teacher ditched the desks in favor of individual floor mats.

“I want it to be as bright and welcoming as possible,” Jenna Jacobs explained. “I want my students to be excited to enter.”

3. Everybody gets their own book boat for socially-distant story time.

4. This science teacher used clear shower curtains to enclose their workspace.


5. This kindergarten teacher turned her students’ desks into tiny cars.

Jennifer Birch Pierson, an educator in Texas, shared her car design on Facebook. The windshield of each vehicle is actually a sneeze guard!

6. Each child gets to choose their favorite stuffy to sit in their desk while they learn remotely.

“Nothing sadder to a teacher than an empty classroom, but I’m determined to not be lonely this year!” the awesome educator wrote. “After virtually talking to some new students, they picked their desk. One student said, ‘Daddy, look I’m the sloth desk!'”

7. This teacher used colorful tape to create workspaces in her classroom.


Kindergarten teacher Sarah Glawe spent hours making signs so distance learning would be fun!

8. Say it with a Bitmoji!

When interacting with teenagers, speaking their language always helps! This hip teacher marked off every other desk to keep students from sitting right next to each other.

9. “X” marks the spot for circle time in this elementary school classroom.

10. No budget for sneeze guards? No problem.

This teacher made their own shields using duct tape and sheets of clear plastic.

11. Individual work stations for all.

12. This dad made his teacher daughter a foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser that’s, well, indispensable.

We can always find a way to make things better if we put our minds to it! We’re so grateful for each and every teacher out there right now, regardless of what their classroom looks like this year!

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