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12 People Who Found Their Doppelgänger In Their Family Tree

Most of us resemble our family members in one way or another, but some people seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth.

There’s a difference between looking kind of like grandma and looking exactly like grandma. Of course, it’s hard to truly appreciate how much we resemble another family member until we see a side-by-side comparison. In the cases below, once they saw it, it could never be unseen! Genetics are wild.

1. “I never understood why people said I look like my dad until we found this picture of my paternal grandma.”

a black and white picture of a young woman posing with a framed photo of a young woman who looks exactly like her

This is seriously uncanny!

2. “My maternal grandmother and me!”

a side-by-side of this woman's maternal grandmother and her. They look almost the same.

This family is blessed with beauty and strong genes.

3. “My great-grandfather and my dad.”

a side-by-side of someone's great-grandfather and their father. the two look almost identical.

They even shared the wherewithal to don the same haircuts.

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