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12 Dainty Dogs Who Are Adorably Gentle With Their Food

Many dogs have a well-earned reputation for being a little greedy around the food bowl, but not all canines are alike!

The adorable pups on the “Dogs Eating Gently” Instagram page are here to dispel those rumors, one precious video at a time. Each of the well-trained pooches featured here knows how to carefully use their teeth to extricate a treat from their human without hurting a fly. No wonder so many people around the world follow them for a daily dose of sweetness!

1. Meet “Beefy Bane.” This video proves that while he may be beefy, he’s a gentle giant.

2. Not only is he eating peas one at a time, but he’s also eating the peas off a fork! We know toddlers who aren’t this coordinated.

3. Look at this big, tough German shepherd politely accepting a snack.

4. Ever see a real-life teddy bear eating a treat?

5. Such a sleek and delicate animal would never wolf down a delicious strawberry.

6. This good girl shows remarkable restraint when presented with bacon on a fork.

7. He’s sneaking up on that snack like he’s afraid it might disappear.

8. Who else noticed that gentle hand lick at the end? So cute.

9. When you’re having a “ruff” day sometimes you just need to be hand-fed.

10. Forks? Where’s the challenge in that? This dog eats off chopsticks like it’s no big deal.

11. Always a perfect gentleman with excellent manners.

12. She really wants the biscuit but has to be a lady about it.

It always warms our hearts to see puppy manners in play! These good boys and girls have obviously paid attention in their training classes. No finger nippers here!

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