11-Yr-Old Writes Epic 6-Page Essay On Why She Wants A Cat, Now Twitter Is Convincing Her Parents.

Twitter is rallying around an 11-year-old girl’s plea by helping her go viral, and giving her their full support.

No, they aren’t supporting her through a life-threatening illness. No, they’re not funding a brilliant invention she’s come up with. Instead, they’re supporting her in her now-viral effort to convince her parents to let her have a cat.

Meet Romesa and her big sister Rimsha from San Antonio, Texas.


Both sisters have always wanted a cat, but Rimsha was never able to talk her parents into the idea. Now she’s in college and her little sis is taking up the torch… and she’s not messing around.

Romesa’s dad always encouraged her to write reports and to put effort into both the writing and research. Now that encouragement has come back to bite him, as Romesa took his advice and crafted a 6-page essay titled “Why I Would Love A Cat, Benefits Of Cats, And Fixing Problems.”


In her article, Romesa included evidence– and even statistics– to support her argument. For example: cats are good for kids, time with cats is proven to reduce anxiety, a cat would reduce her dependence on technology… the list goes on for a full six pages.


That last point is a little ironic since– if Romesa does get a cat– technology will largely be to thank for it, since Romesa used good ‘ole Google to find the statistics she included in the report and it’s the internet that’s largely rallying behind her.

In case you’re wondering how the rest of the world came to support Romesa in her quest, it’s because of her sister, Rimsha. Rimsha tweeted several images of Romesa’s report, and it has since gone viral!


Twitter users are going crazy, showing support for this brilliant, strong-willing young girl.

Hopefully Romesa’s efforts– and the efforts of literally thousands of Twitter users– pay off. In fact, Rimsha said their dad is already on board! It’s just Mom they have to convince now.

“I think chances are maybe 80% as of now,” she said. Fingers crossed!

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