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11-Yr-Old Brings Down The House With Rousing Best Man Speech At His Dad’s Wedding.

Image shows a wedding couple and son offering a toast.

When two people fall in love, they often choose to seal their future with a marriage. In this day and age, some marriages don’t last for a variety of reasons. When second marriages involve children, the prospect of a pending marriage can be scary. What if your kids don’t like your new spouse? When Aiden Moreno’s dad, David, asked his special someone, Ashley, to tie the knot, that uncertainty hung in the air. David asked Aidan to be his best man, which meant delivering a speech at the reception.

They needn’t have worried. Aidan spelled it all out during his speech at a November 25, 2022, wedding at Art Nouveau in Houston, Texas. Clumsily opening up a two-page prepared speech, Aidan had everyone in tears by the time he finished. You can tell the message was directly from his heart. 

Image shows a young man preparing to give the best man speech at his father's wedding and dad and the new stepmom stand in the background.
Image from YouTube.

The scene opens with Aidan handing David his drink so he can retrieve his speech. Aidan appears to be a natural speaker using the wireless microphone as he introduces himself grandiosely. He briefly talks about how blessed he is to be there. He talks about the pleasure of having an amazing father and watching his dad marry someone as “equally amazing as him.”

Aidan then discusses some of the background and talks about being afraid that Ashley might not like him. Anyone involved in a relationship after having children can probably relate. Most kids with step-parents can also see the valid points Aidan brings up. Continuing his speech, he mentions how happy his father is with Ashley and how much that means to him. 

Image shows the toast following a son's best man speech at his father's wedding.
Image from YouTube.

Aidan mentions in his speech that the family went from a “dull duet to a terrific trio.” And then he unleashes the real reason he is so pleased with Ashley joining the family: “My father is a terrible cook, with emphasis on the terrible!” The crowd laughs as he tells them that Ashley has saved him from his dad’s cooking with her wonderful meals.

Beginning his closing, Aidan thanks Ashley, talking about how she opened her heart and “accepted the crazy Moreno boys.” You can hear the oohs and ahhs from the audience and see Ashley wiping tears from her eyes. He is careful to include that Ashley also gave him the coolest step-grandma. After the speech, the toast is made, and the reception continues to celebrate this happy occasion. 

Watch the whole speech here:

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