105-Year-Old Eclipse Chaser Is Ecstatic To See His 13th Event In April

An elderly man points to a list on a piece of paper.

A lot of astronomy lovers are excited for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, but no one is more thrilled than Laverne Biser. At 105, this eclipse chaser has already witnessed 12 of these incredible celestial occurrences. To commemorate the occasions, the elderly man keeps a list of when and where he saw them. He’s also taken some pretty amazing photos!

“We’ve traveled all over the world to see them,” Laverne told KTVT. “You see one, you want to see them all. They are so pretty.”

Pictures are great, but nothing beats the in-the-moment joy of watching the skies in action. However, an eclipse chaser still needs the right tools for the job. Luckily, Laverne has everything he needs to enjoy the April 8 eclipse to its fullest. This former engineer has even built some of his own telescopes for viewing astronomical events!

An elderly eclipse chaser shows off the telescope he built.
Screengrab from YouTube

As it turns out, Laverne doesn’t have to travel very far to see the upcoming eclipse this April. Fox 26 Houston tells us that the Fort Worth, Texas, resident will be going to Plano, Texas, with his daughter to experience the event. Sadly, the eclipse chaser thinks that, at his age, this might be the last one he’ll ever see.

“They don’t come but one or two, every couple of years,” Laverne said to KTVT. “I may not see anymore. I may not see any more eclipses.”

An elderly man points to a list on a piece of paper.
Screengrab from YouTube

What a fascinating life this elderly man has led in his attempts to see as many of these celestial events as possible! We hope that April’s solar eclipse, which will be Laverne’s 13th, lives up to his expectations.

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