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103-Yr-Old Reunites With Beloved Wife After She Spent 1 Month In The Hospital.

grandpa reunites with wife

This holiday season, families around the world are celebrating health and love, but for one, those two gifts mean a little more.

A video is currently making its rounds on social media for all the right reasons. It shows a 103-year-old man reuniting with his wife after a month of being apart. They separated because she spent time in a hospital. When she was admitted, he believed he had said his final goodbye because her doctors told him that she was on her deathbed.

However, the woman, whom the caption calls “the love of his life,” made a miraculous recovery. When she did, their family immediately got them back together. The second he saw her after believing she was “leaving forever” he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Grandpa is Overwhelmed with Love When He Reunites with His Wife

In the clip, the man slowly used a walker to make his way into a room where he saw his wife sitting in a chair, waiting for him. Shaking and weeping with joy, he let go of his walker and rushed to her with open arms. His family helped him along the way, and the moment he reached her, he embraced her.

The two shared whispers only meant for them, and he sweetly kissed her forehead before standing back to take a look that he would cherish forever. All the while, she cried happily and held onto his embrace.

“How sad that things have to happen to us to realize that the lottery hits us every day with health, with family, and with the love of the people close to us,” reads the caption, which was written by the man’s granddaughter.

“Yes, today is another day that the fat one has touched us, she continued. “Merry Christmas grandparents, you’re together again.”

Watch the absolutely beautiful moment this grandpa reunites with his wife after thinking he lost her forever.

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