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100-Year-Old Shares Hilarious Glitch She Found In Airline Ticketing Systems

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This 100-year-old woman discovered a hilarious glitch in the system when she was booking an airline ticket. The system wasn’t ready to handle someone with as much experience as her!

Mildred Kirschenbaum, the 100-year-old woman in question, sent a video to Good Morning America explaining the glitch she was running into when booking her airline ticket. Rather than letting her put her birth year in (1924), she can only put in “24,” as the code is two digits for the month, day, and year.

When she puts in 24, the ticketing system reads it as 2024, and the airline goes expecting a newborn.

Mildred is even a travel agent. She’s able to issue tickets herself, but it doesn’t help this issue one bit. Thankfully, she’s got a great sense of humor. But she’s making an appeal to the airline companies to include the ability to mark her age!

Traveling is already a hassle, and Mildred has to take a few extra steps because of this funky age glitch!

old woman smiling
This image is from Instagram.

When talking about the airline ticket glitch, Mildred joked that she’s going through her second childhood. When she’s booking solo, the airline registers as an unaccompanied minor, so a guard has to come and accompany her all the way through security when her age can be validated.

Thankfully, Mildred has met some nice people along the way. What a trooper!

old lady and travel agent
This image is from Instagram.

Mildred took to her own Instagram to share the ins and outs of the ticket glitch. Her pal joked about her “baby stroller” which was a wheelchair.

She captioned the video with some insightful details, but finished the post off with some powerful gratitude.

“Here’s a toast to still traveling the world and enjoying life at nearly 101 years old.”

What an incredible woman!

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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