100-Ft Fall Has Happiest Ending For Deaf Dog Thanks To Swift Rescuers.

an emergency response team member sitting on the ground as he holds the dog they rescued, hobo, in his arms.

A ravine was no match for this determined dog and rescue team.

As a fence was being constructed around a Sorrento Valley, California family’s home, their deaf dog, Hobo, found himself in a terrifying situation. The 8-year-old Australian shepherd got too close to the edge of a nearby ravine, causing him to slip and fall 100 feet down.

An officer attempted to climb down to reach Hobo, but when it became clear that the hike was too steep, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) from the San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue. Using a safety line, they quickly, but carefully, rappelled their way to the terrified pup.

It took the efforts of five team members, and a saw, in order to free Hobo from the brush he found himself entangled. This took a total of four hours but, in the end, this sweet pup and his family were just happy to finally be back together!

Thank you, ERT, for swiftly swooping in to save Hobo!

Watch Hobo get reunited with his family in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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