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His Dad Tragically Died, But 10 Yrs Later Son Finds A Secret He Embedded Inside A Dusty Xbox Game.

You know those miraculous real stories that are almost too amazing to believe?  This is one of those. Youtuber user 00WARTHERAPY00 left a comment on a video entitled “Can Video Games Be A Spiritual Experience.”  He wanted to tell his incredible and touching story in answer to the question. Youtube user John Wikstrom saw the comment and made his own video to tell this young man’s powerful story.  It’s beautiful.

In his comment, 00WARTHERAPY00 explained that when he was only 4 years old, his dad bought the original Xbox console.  The two had unending hours of fun together playing on the game system together but, when his father died two years later, he put the Xbox away. He wouldn’t touch it again for 10 years.

But at that 10 yr mark, he stumbled upon the gaming console tucked away in the basement.  That’s when the 16 yr old found a secret left by his dad so many years ago. His dad had beaten a racing game, meaning that the ghost of his car would continue racing alongside other plays until someone else beats the game.

That ghost– a memory of better times with his dad– comforted the boy. He continued to play, attempting to beat his dad’s car. But then… He found that the pleasure of playing alongside his father, in spirit, was greater than any victory.

Watch below and share this moving story today.


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