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10 Wild Commercials From The 2000s That Are Sure To Get Stuck In Your Head

marker and reese's puff commercial

The 2000s were an absurd decade. From low rise jeans to seemingly never-ending hairclips, the 2000s brought a special dose of crazy to all sorts of media and culture.

For example, jingles PEAKED in the 2000s. It’s amazing how over a decade later, I still know all the words to the Reese’s Puffs rap.

For a dose of nostalgia that is sure to ring through your head for the next few weeks, check out these catchy, cringey, classic 2000s commercials.


2. We all desperately wanted a Pillow Pet.

3. I distinctly remember begging my mom for these. They might just be plates but to all of us third graders… they were so much more.

4. My kid brain had no idea what they were selling, but definitely knew all the words to the song.

5. Tread carefully listening to this one. It’s dangerously catchy.

6. Airheads commercials were so. Seriously. Odd.

7. These markers sat on my birthday wish list for many years.

8. It looked so satisfying. It was the early making of ASMR.

9. To be fair, I think this commercial was made to be cringey. But that also made it memorable!

10. Favorite. Commercial. Ever. Check out the side-by-side battle of the 2009 vs. 2014 raps in this clip!

Ahh, what a phenomenal blast from the past. It’s amazing that, as an adult, I could purchase all of these silly things today. But half of the nostalgia is remembering the longing for whatever weird thing the commercial was selling!

They don’t make commercials quite like they used to.

Bring! Back! Bumpits!

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