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10 Pet Parents Who Shamelessly Spoil Their Pups

If you’re a pet owner, you know that animals are just as important in our families as we humans are. So it’s no surprise that people want to spoil their pets and give them the best life possible, no matter the cost!

Recently, members of the Dogspotting Society Facebook group put that love on display with the “I Did It For My Dog Challenge.” They posted pictures of the great lengths they went to in order to make their dogs’ lives a little “extra.” Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen!

1. They traded in their car for an SUV and then decked out the back seat with a mattress and a rug for “ultimate comfort.”

2. These parents set up an air mattress so they could sleep next to their pup until he had surgery for his torn CCL because he couldn’t jump up on their bed anymore.

3. Kelli’s rescue dogs have their own little refuge, complete with access to the backyard, in a room she built for them under the stairs.

4. A good dog park was the deciding factor in where this family would live because they wanted space for their pups to play.

5. Romero inspired this dog mom to open a dog park/beer bar in her community. She, of course, named it after him!

6. These dog parents built a full-length ramp so their Pomeranians could get up and down the stairs with ease.

7. Lace designed a custom dog house for her pup, and her dad brought it to life by building it by hand. What a perfect Christmas present!

8. This pup has his own spot to soak up some sun thanks to his mama, who set up this bed just for him.

9. One of Johnna’s “must-haves” during her home search was a ranch-style so her 14-year-old dog wouldn’t have to struggle to climb stairs.

10. This dog mom spent a little extra to get a car with a sunroof so her pup could enjoy their rides by sticking his head out the top.

These pups are lucky to have such amazing parents… but really these humans are lucky to have such adorable doggos in their lives!

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