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10 Of The Derpiest Animals We Found This Week (July 18-25, 2023)

A two-photo collage. The first photo is a close up of a lizard. Their tongue is out and they’re licking an orange piece of fruit. The second photo shows a man sitting with one arm around his dog. The man is holding food in one hand, which looks like a burrito. The dog is using both paws to hold and eat his own food, which also looks like a burrito. The dog’s tongue is out.

No matter if an animal is small or large, each one has the potential to be an adorable goofball. Evidence of this can be seen all over social media, but one of the best places to find them is in a group on Reddit called AnimalsBeingDerps. Here, you can find photos and videos featuring all sorts of creatures who were caught in the act of being silly little geese.

But with over 8 million members and countless posts, it can be a lot to find the best content. That’s why we’re here with the top 10 posts from the past week! So take a break, keep scrolling, and enjoy these loveable animals.

1. He can bearly contain his excitement!

Bear likes to swing
by u/duckduckbananas in AnimalsBeingDerps

2. So much pure joy!

Look at him go!
by u/bubblegum1215 in AnimalsBeingDerps

3. To make new friends, sometimes you just need to share food.

I made a little friend [OC]
by u/zelph_esteem in AnimalsBeingDerps

4. Okay but this dog is actually really impressive.

I’m Tough.
by u/majedhazmi in AnimalsBeingDerps

5. When you lag IRL.

Brain is loading….
by u/sojalanamrak in AnimalsBeingDerps

6. Just a couple of lunch buddies.

Enjoying lunch with dad
by u/sco-go in AnimalsBeingDerps

7. “Play with me – this is a threat.”

Play or die.
by u/AnonymusJpg in AnimalsBeingDerps

8. “We adopted this goofball a couple of months ago, brain not included.”

9. This dog has many questions.

Can’t blame them.
by u/mindyour in AnimalsBeingDerps

10. Animals just love to play – including wild rams!

Wikd Ram vs Wild Tetherball
by u/Singular_Crowbar in AnimalsBeingDerps

What would the world be like without these comical little guys? We don’t want to know! What we do want, though, is more of this kind of wholesome content. Good thing this group has no shortage of them!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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