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10 Jaw-Dropping Videos Of People Casually Defying Gravity

man doing flip next to someone in open air by mountain

Some of us have a hard time not tripping over our own two feet… then there are those who can seemingly break physics!

These talented people never cease to blow our minds, even when there is an explanation for how they do what they do. But that’s OK, because it doesn’t make watching their tricks any less amazing! Speaking of which, we’ve gathered some of our favorite viral videos below that will leave you asking, “Is this even real?!”

1. A magician never reveals their secrets, but we wish Xavier Mortimer would make an exception!

2. Backflips are impressive enough, but in slow motion, these two somehow look like they’re literally walking on air.

3. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… a man soaring through the sky in a suit reminiscent of a pool toy!

4. This footage of a figure skater includes photos that prove just how skilled these athletes are.

5. German cyclist Viola Brand has been working for years to perfect her mind-blowing skills. This performance proves her hard work has paid off!

6. We’ve watched this video several times and can confirm that it’s too impressive to ever look real.

7. “I’m going home” might be the coolest line ever spoken before doing a space dive.

8. Science experiments that look like they’re ignoring the laws of physics are definitely the best kind.

9. We have one question… HOW?!

10. There are plenty of challenges on the internet, but the invisible box challenge might be the best one yet. Even the people who fail make for a funny video!

Still shocked? So are we! We truly can’t compliment these crazy talented people enough. Which one was your favorite?

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