10 Hilarious And Wholesome Thoughts Straight From The Minds Of Dogs

Dogs, with their wagging tails and boundless enthusiasm, have a unique way of seeing the world. Their thoughts, if we could hear them, would likely be filled with simple joys, playful observations, and, of course, an abundance of love for their humans. Drawing inspiration from the popular “Thoughts of Dogs” Twitter account, we explore the whimsical musings straight from the canine mind. These tweets share a creator with the hilarious “We Rate Dogs” account, and they continue to bring smiles and laughter to pet lovers everywhere. Get ready to tilt your head in amusement as we delve into the charming and humorous world of dog thoughts!

1. Mind reading moments with human

sometimes. the human presses their noggin against mine. to figure out
what i'm thinking. so i just think really hard. about how much i love them.
and hope they figure it out

Dogs might not be mind-readers, but they sure know love when they feel it! This adorable thought is a sweet reminder of the unspoken bond between pets and their owners.

2. Navigating the party etiquette

the human and i. are at a big party. with the whole family. and i was asked
not to bring up. any controversial topics. such as:
• pills wrapped in cheese
• sticks in the household
• ears going inside out
• escalators
• whether i can get on that couch

Social gatherings can be tricky for our four-legged friends, especially when topics like the couch rules or the mysterious nature of escalators come up!

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