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10 Funny Fair Moments That Will Have You Grabbing Your Kettle Corn!

Left frames shows a girl getting a helping hand with the hammer game. Right frame shows a girl eating a corn dog on a fair ride.

Carnivals and fairs are a highlight from many of our childhoods. Whether we went to local fairs, 4H activities, or the state fair, we all have some great memories. There was laughter, fun, maybe scary rides, cotton candy, and corn dogs. For our family, it was the yearly fair in Chelsea, Michigan. Aside from the rides and festival food, there was also the Demolition Derby and the Tractor Pull. We looked forward to it every year.

The people below had a bit more entertainment than they were planning on!

1. Cotton Candy Is Always A Crowd-Pleaser — This One Has A Little Extra

We think he might have lied on his resume or exaggerated his level of experience.


Either someone set him up or he lied about knowing how to use the cotton candy machine. 🤪

♬ Don’t I Make It Look Easy – Meghan Trainor

2. Who Knew Corn Dogs Could Fly?

There is a reason why they tell you not to bring handheld items on rides.

3. Kiddie Rides Can Get Pretty Wild!

When you’re the adult supervision, it helps if you stay conscious!

4. Maybe She Should Not Have Taken This One For A Spin?

This isn’t normally a traumatic ride.

5. When All Else Fails — Throw Your Shoe!

Somebody clearly wanted off this ride and was trying to get the attention of the operator!


I cant Belive that happand on John Hollands miami at Sutton Lawn #fyp #ride #fail #2023funfair #rides #funfair #screammovie

♬ original sound – fordkeys2

6. Poor Kid Got Stuck On The Big Slide With His Mom!

This kid isn’t sure about the big slide, but he powers through the experience anyway.

7. “Let Me Tell You Something!!”

Nope, I think it’s a bit too late to back out now, friend!

8. When You Just Gotta Scream!

Trying to act like you’re not frightened on a ride can backfire if you’re still recording during the scream!

9. When The Adult Escorting You Is Laughing A Little Too Hard

This young man is winding his way through a house of mirrors. The adult with him can’t stop giggling.

10. When You’re At The Fair And Nothing Is Swinging Your Way!

This little girl got a little assistance when her hammer swinging went awry! Kudos to the fair worker!

We hope you have many happy and wonderful experiences at your next fair. We have enjoyed watching others have entertaining moments, and they brought back many memories. Be sure to share with your friends when you’re trying to talk them into riding the Gravitron!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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