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10 Fearless Kids Who Are Living For Jump Scares This Halloween

The left frame shows teenagers in a haunted attraction after a jump scare. The right frame shows a young girl about to be scared by a store display.

Humans are wired to jump when frightened. The instant rush of adrenalin can cause a variety of reactions. Some people laugh when they experience a jump scare, while others cry. Some run away from the scary situation, while others run toward it. The response to a jump scare is known as “fight or flight.”

When we get frightened unexpectedly, our minds immediately assess the situation. Within less than one second, our brain has determined whether we stay and “fight” or run away (“flight”). When kids get jump scared, the hilarity is unending.

1. Daughter Tries To Warn Dad

Our first clip isn’t too much of a jump scare. It shows a father and daughter walking calmly down a street. The daughter suddenly becomes agitated at something and tries to get her dad to move away. In true “dad” fashion, he turns to face off against the danger!

2. Jump Scaring Your Big Sister Is Hilarious!

If you were raised with siblings, you know how satisfying this jump scare prank can be.

3. Jump Scares Are Not Just For The Children!

Visiting a Halloween store is always a treat. Kids love it, and so does Mom.

4. Video Games Will Rot Your Brains

This parent is evil, personified.

5. This Teenage Boy Should Avoid Haunted Attractions!

Walking through a haunted house with your friends should be a fun experience. For this teenager, a jump scare we can’t see turns into a jump-your-friend free-for-all!

6. This Girl Is Just Too Cool After A Jump Scare

When you play with the display and it drops you to your knees, get up and walk away like nothing happened!

7. Such A Serene And Peaceful Video Clip

Pranking your kids is always fun. This father has his son watch a nice, relaxing video of a car driving down a country road. It is peaceful, calm, and quite lovely until the car vanishes.


This video taught me to never trust anything ever. So why not pass that trauma on to the next generation 😂 #fyp #funny #jumpscare #kidsscared #payback

♬ original sound – Mike Dodd

8. “Gee, Dad, This Isn’t Even Scary…”

To prove his bravery, this young man makes every attempt to animate the display. Stepping gently on the sensor pad, he turns to say nothing is happening. When the display begins moving, the young man moves a whole lot faster.

9. When Mom Says, Stay Out Of The Cabinets, You Should Listen, Little Man!

As a toddler moves around in the kitchen, we wonder what he is up to. Apparently, Mom knew what he would be doing.

10. When A Bike Ride Becomes Perilous

This final clip is a scare prank with several victims. The poor guy on the bike, though.

This is the season to jump-scare your spooky-loving children. However, be sure to practice safety at all times. Leave no child unscared!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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