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10 Powerful (And Easy) Ways To Be Kind To Others.

Kindness is unbelievably important.  It is often the number one thing that people are remembered for. Regardless of work accomplishments, physical prowess, beauty, or riches… people really just care about kindness.

We all want someone to be kind to us!

Furthermore, many studies (including Medical reviews, Harvard Business School, physicians, etc.) are pointing to the direct correlation between kindness and happiness.  Not surprisingly, the more you exercise kindness towards others, the happier you will be.  It is a truth that has pervaded for centuries and is tied to philosophies, religions, and pervading worldviews.

So, if you want to be a kinder person and feel happier along the way, try one of these 10 easy ways of being kind.

1. Compliment someone in a meaningful way

It’s so simple, but going out of your way to lift up someone else can be the most rewarding thing of your day. Think of the times you have felt down and a random compliment has picked you back up!


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