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10 Punny Dad Jokes That Will Make You Laugh — And Cringe

Two men in separate frames. One is telling a bad dad joke and the other is laughing at a bad dad joke.

They say a joke is all in the delivery of the punch line. Somehow, that gets lost in translation regarding typical “dad” jokes. We’ve heard them all, but a new one hits us like an errant baseball bat swung with wanton abandon. We find ourselves doing that familiar groan-laugh combination and trying desperately to make it stop.

We scoured the internet and found some of the punniest dad jokes for you. They are almost guaranteed to make you do that gritty-teeth smile and mutter, “That was so funny I forgot to laugh!” When you finish, you’ll be singing the song “Make It Stop” from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie!

1. Pop Tart Theory Is Out Of Control

Explaining how the world works using Pop-Tart theory.


this man at the comfortland booth was handing out jokes with every dish ❤️ #nycrestaurants #comfortlandnyc #ECNY #EEEEEATSCON #fyp

♬ original sound – Infatuation NYC

2. Putting A Magical Twist On Your Favorite Dog Breed!

When it comes to bad dad jokes, nothing is sacred. Not even your family pet!

3. A Triple Play, With An AI Voice That Is Sadly Lacking In The Delivery!

Remember when we said it was all in the delivery? We found this that drives that point home.

4. Well, That’s A New One For Me!

I’ve heard this one told many ways, but never with this punch line!

5. Dad Jokes Told By Mom? Alrighty Then!

This one has heavy equipment and a meal, so it hits all the points for a good dad joke, even though it’s a mom delivering the punch line.

6. Some Jokes Are Better When The Kids Tell Them!

When your kid comes home from school, they like to tell you about their day. This kid feigned excitement, led into the story masterfully, and left Dad wondering why he couldn’t stop laughing!

7. When The Dad Jokes Aren’t Funny, But The Joke Teller Is

This poor guy is trying to get his girlfriend to laugh. She’s not taking the bait. He can’t stop himself.


How long did you last? 😂 #DuolingoPartner @duolingo

♬ original sound – Joe Mele

8. A Montage Worthy Of The Golden Toilet Paper Award!

This girl has got her ducks on a roll (that line is brilliant, you’ll see).


My dad struck dad joke gold! Tell all of these hilarious dad jokes to your friends. These are dad jokes that are actually funny! Meme Brah has all of the gold dad jokes and joke trains. #dadjokes #badjokes #dadhumor #dadhumortiktok #punjokes #streetinterview #streetinterviews

♬ original sound – Meme Brah

9. Back With Another Montage Of Classic Bad Dad Jokes!

This dad travels around asking random strangers for their best bad dad jokes. We are not disappointed.


Best Dad Jokes of 2022. Tell all of these hilarious jokes at your New Year’s party! #dadjokes #badjokes #punjokes #dadhumortiktok #streetinterviews

♬ original sound – Meme Brah

10. This Bad Dad Joke Will Give You That Gritty-Teeth Smile

We promised fun puns. While we have delivered quite a few, this one deserves to be our parting shot.

We hope our foray into the land of bad dad jokes has brightened your day. Be sure to share with your friends because they deserve to groan a bit too. The day is young!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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