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10 Anti-Valentine Memes For People Who Aren’t Looking Forward To The Day Of Love

Anti-Valentine Memes rule the internet if your find yourself dateless on Valentine's Day.

5. Patrick Star Might Be Onto Something Here!

Patrick Star showing us his to do list for Valentine's Day, "Nothing."
Image from Instagram.

This looks like my itinerary for the day, too! Aside from a normal work day and extra chocolate, my to-do list will have no special Valentine’s plans.

6. Nothing Wrong With Buying Yourself Flowers

Sending yourself gifts of flowers and chocolates is perfectly acceptable.
Image from Instagram.

Many people have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Buying yourself flowers, even without the prompt of Valentine’s Day, is a perfectly fine way to lift your mood. And we all know that chocolate keeps the Dementors at bay!

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