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1 Piece Of Paper Depicts A Lifetime Of Love Thanks To This Clever Artist.

A drawing of a man and woman on a piece of paper. The view is of them from behind. The woman is wearing a white dress that goes past her knees and red shoes. The man is wearing what appears to be either a blue shirt or jacket. He’s holding a bouquet of red flowers behind his back. The artists hands can be partially seen holding down the paper.

How does someone encompass a lifetime of love? For this artist, all they needed was some paper and a few writing utensils. In a video on Reddit, their work of art is shared along with a voice-over that says, “I wanna hold your hand at 80 and say, ‘We made it.'” It starts with a single, simple drawing of a man and woman. We see them from behind, so we know that he secretly has a bouquet of red flowers.

Then, with one simple fold of the paper, the art transforms. Suddenly, the two of them appear much closer. In fact, they’re holding hands, indicating they’re in love. With each new fold, the artist reveals more of the couple’s life together.

Each new drawing feels more elaborate than the last with one turning into their wedding day — in it, the bride is holding an awfully familiar looking bouquet of red flowers. Although the video is short, it’s had the ability to make countless folks online feel rather emotional. It’s not easy, or even possible, to truly summarize a lifetime of love. But isn’t beautiful when we try?

Watch this artist’s clever work of art unfold in the video below.

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