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InspireMore is hiring!  Please see below for open positions and company information.  To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of this page!


Social Media Marketing

  • Help manage our current Facebook page and grow its engagement through compelling posting and interacting with our users.
  • Manage new Facebook page(s).
  • Innovate on other social channels.


Partnership Development

  • Seek out and secure new strategic partnerships for content syndication/distribution.
  • Maintain the relationships and execute outstanding customer service.


Content creation/writing

  • Our product is awesome, inspiring content that brightens people’s days and makes them want to live for more.
  • Create video, list, and article posts to be distributed around the world.  Excel at being the absolute best content on the web.
  • Brainstorm new types of content.



Our company, perks, and work environment:

  • Office: Dallas Entrepreneur Center
    • Share space with 30 other start-ups (leads to really fun interactions and opportunities for collaboration, learning)
    • Ping Pong Table: we are huge lovers of ping pong.  Typically play 1-2 times per day to refresh our minds.
  • Unlimited, excellent coffee
    • We love coffee. Consequently, we bought an awesome set up and get top-notch coffee shipped to us every two weeks from around the world.  It’s a fun little perk that keeps us energized.
  • Remote Wednesdays (or potential for all-remote… depending on position).
    • We work remotely every Wednesday.  So enjoy keeping those comfy clothes on and posting up on your couch or at a coffee shop.
  • Flexible Vacation/Days off
    • Our employees have a set number of weeks off. We highly encourage everyone to use the full vacation because we NEED time to get refreshed.  But if there is ever a need for more time, we can have that conversation.  Likewise, we take company Holidays and even the random day off just because!
  • Team Service
    • Once a quarter we like to go serve somewhere as a team.  It’s usually a really fun day of bonding and being reminded of the real, tangible mission we have of being a light to the world.
  • Fun celebrations
    • Once a month we try to do a fun team lunch, Happy Hour, or fancy dinner.  Other times we will really go all out to celebrate if we’ve accomplished something big (for example, we went to Dallas’s #1 steakhouse last week to celebrate our 2 yr anniversary).
  • Health Insurance:
    • We provide a stipend for Health Insurance so that our employees can figure out which policy fits them best.
  • Team Goals:
    • We typically set goals every month and a half.  If we hit those goals, we get awesome prizes.  Past prizes: team Chinese foot massages, gift cards, Northpark gold (mall credit), new coffee brewing system, cash.
  • Our reach:
    • We currently reach 10-50 million people per WEEK.  It is an incredible opportunity to be a light, impact people’s lives, and even alter culture. Likewise, it is a very compelling size to learn a lot about digital marketing and be cutting-edge.
  • Exciting time:
    • We are growing fast and are looking to quickly expand our team.  This is the right time to join and secure a spot as a leader/innovator on our team as we continually expand.


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