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21 Things Divorced Couples Say Would’ve Saved Their Marriage

In the eternal words of the Impressive Clergyman from the Princess Bride “Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…” To some, marriage is that dream, the dream from childhood but for others it has led to bitter disappointment.

Today, we are here to talk about marriage from the perspective of those who have loved and lost.

We gathered 21 things, that if implemented, divorcees said could’ve saved their marriage. It’s a sad topic on the surface, but the wisdom in them is something we all need to apply to all our relationships, whether tied in the bonds of marriage or not. Many of them are simple reminders that love is in the little things.

1. Your marriage is not guaranteed to be as good as your vows. It depends on what you put into it each day.

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2. The roots of your love need to run deep from the start. If the love is attraction or surface-based, the love will die.


3. Some parts of your marriage will be frustrating, but love enough to be patient to ride out the lows and receive the highs.

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4. The grass is not always greener. Even if it looks more lush, you don’t know the quality of the soil.


5. It’s more than the ring. Can you imagine growing old or being sick with this person?


6. It’s best to cool off alone before throwing down harsh words in a fight.

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7. Both of you need to take turns steering the wheel.


8. If your partner backs away and avoids talking, you may have to wait for them to come back around. Patiently.