Worn-Out Dad Breaks Down Crying At His Daughter’s Gentle Gesture Of Love.

Exhausted dad rubs his eyes as he sits in the back of his restaurant, planning the menu.

Running your own small business is never easy, and it’s only gotten more challenging since the COVID-19 pandemic began.


In a heartwarming video that’s rapidly going viral, we’re reminded of this daily struggle. We’re also reminded that everything is just a little bit easier when you’ve got a loving family!

In the video, which was taken from a restaurant’s security footage in China, Wang has fallen asleep at the back counter of his small restaurant while planning the menu. When his daughter enters the kitchen and sees her hardworking father slumped over the counter, she takes off her own jacket and gently places it across her papa’s shoulders.

Such a simple, yet empathetic gesture!

When Wang wakes and sees what his little girl has done, he bursts into tears. We can only imagine the stress he was under during this incredibly difficult time. We hope things have improved for this little family. Where there’s this much love, there’s always hope.

Watch the adorable video below, and don’t forget to share.

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