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Will Ferrell Showed Up As An ‘Exotic Animal Expert’ On Colbert, By The End They Can’t Keep It Together!

Rather than promoting his new movie, Zoolander 2, the always hilarious Will Ferrell decided to take on the role of an exotic animal expert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After all, Ferrell tells Colbert in the segment, it seemed like his new show lacked the animal expert his counterparts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel had on their shows.

With a vest, a fake rifle and some very short shorts, Ferrell uses his dry humor to make a kitty cat out to be a ‘short-spined mongoose’ that apparently can only be found in Peru and a hamster to be a ‘Mongolian Bush Tiger.’ By the end, he has Colbert trying his hardest to hold back laughter!

The rapport between these two famous comedians is irresistibly funny and is sure to bring a smile to your face, and in a second-hand way promote Ferrell’s latest movie!

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