Man Has Emotional Reunion With Biological Mom 45 Yrs After He Was Adopted.

When she was just 15, Brenda Van Sickle found out she was pregnant and soon delivered her baby boy at 16 years old. As difficult as it was for her to do, she put him up for adoption, hoping to give him a loving family who could care for him better than she could.

Over the years, she tried to track him down a few times, but she didn’t have much information to go off besides his birthday and place of birth. Then one day, she got a call from a stranger asking if she had put an infant up for adoption 45 years ago, and everything changed!

Her son, Wesley Fenner, had finally tracked her down! Over the years, he thought about trying to connect with her but always got “cold feet.” Luckily, something made him follow through this time, and it ended up creating a beautiful bond!

The two of them agreed to meet up and their reunion was too sweet for words. When Wesley first saw her, he walked up behind her and simply said, “Mom, it’s me.”

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She turned around to set eyes on him for the first time in over four decades, and then they hugged each other and cried for a solid 20 minutes.

Adoption Reunion
NBC New York

Brenda has been constantly surprised by how much she and Wesley have in common. Since their first meeting, they have kept in touch and discovered that they share many of the same interests — as well as a “snarky” sense of humor!

The mom was also thrilled to learn she has a grandson! Even better, she got to meet the 9-year-old and Wesley’s wife! While Brenda regrets their time apart, she takes comfort in knowing her son has had a happy life.

These days, Wesley and Brenda are working to catch up on lost time, and the mom is soaking it all in. “I’m looking forward to the next stage,” she added. “Meeting him wasn’t the end of the journey. It’s an ongoing journey.”

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