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“We’re Going to Get You Out.” Selfless Strangers Pull Woman From Crashed Car.

Amanda's new car was totaled in the crash.

When Amanda Wilson got into a car accident earlier this month, a pair of onlookers rushed to her rescue. The Florida resident was on her usual route when another driver turned unexpectedly. The resulting crash totaled Amanda’s car, which, unfortunately, was new. It also left her with some injuries.

“On my way back to work, I was going through the intersection of Santa Barbara and Gleason. I had a green light,” Amanda recalled to NBC 2 News. “Right as I was crossing through the intersection, there was a red Nissan Altima that turned left right in front of me and we collided with each other.” 

Amanda recalls her recent car accident, during which she broke her arm.
Screengrab from NBC 2 News

After the accident, Amanda realized that she’d broken one of her arms.

“The first thing running through my mind was just to make sure I was okay,” she said. “I was looking at myself. I was looking at my arm. I have some abrasions on my arm. Then I looked at my other arm, and my arm was shaped like a Z.”

Thankfully, Amanda was not left to deal with the situation on her own. She reported that an anonymous blonde woman and an off-duty EMT hurried over to help.

“We’re going to get you out of the car,” said the EMT, according to Amanda.

Amanda's new car was totaled in the crash.
Screengrab from NBC 2 News

The strangers were able to extract the injured woman from her totaled car and get her off the road. Amanda says that she’s grateful for their intervention.

“I think if it wasn’t for them, I probably would’ve been A. alone and B. probably freaking out so much more,” she said.

Amanda’s mom, who lives out of state, was floored when she heard about the anonymous rescuers who helped her daughter in her time of need.

“People are busy, people are rushing, they don’t stop, so I’m just grateful they stayed there,” she said.

Now, Amanda is hoping to be able to find and thank the two people who helped her.

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