Anxious Weimaraner Comes Out Of His Shell Thanks To His Own Emotional Support Dog.

Emotional support dogs are powerful tools for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Apparently, their powers are also useful for other dogs, too!

When Arnold the Weimaraner was just a puppy he had a run-in with a German shepherd that left him rattled. He already suffered from separation anxiety, so this added stress made leaving the house a challenge.


Dog mom Carolyn Manalis of Perth, Australia says that Arnold was so fearful of other dogs that taking him places was nearly impossible. He couldn’t enjoy time at the dog park without shaking like a leaf! Carolyn knew she had to find a way to lure her dog out of his shell.

Enter Frank, a miniature dachshund Carolyn adopted from a friend in hopes he’d make a good companion for Arnold. Sure enough, the two instantly bonded and now they never leave each other’s side!


“Frank has helped Arnold regain his confidence to be able to play and wrestle while learning that this doesn’t always mean he’s going to get hurt or attacked,” said Cynthia. “Having a little friend to play with has been the perfect therapy for Arnold to heal.”

Even though Frank is 66 pounds lighter than his big brother, he’s such a confident and fearless little guy it helps Arnold be brave, too.


Carolyn says they think Frank thinks Arnold is more like a father than a big brother. Arnold showed him the ropes the second he joined the family, even helping to house train him.

“The bond these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful. They are so connected and loving and supportive of one another. If one ever cries, the other one is there in half a second to check they are OK. Their love is unconditional, regardless of their size or breed.”

Arnold was able to overcome his anxiety with help from a special comfort animal, just like thousands of humans do every day! What a couple of good boys.

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